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Asia Festival of Speed GT Asia Round 7, Sepang – Frank Yu Takes The Crown!

Champion Frank Yu in the Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3. Over the weekend, Asian Festival Of Speed (AFOS) brought their series of races to Sepang. Among the races that were held at Sepang was the Lotus Cup, Formula Masters, GT Asia, Audi R8 Cup and the Carrera Cup. For this post, we covered the Malaysian leg …
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MMER 2014 Launched: Strong participation in Malaysia’s greatest 12hr endurance race

It’s the 2nd year now that Sepang has been working with Pacific Project Management, or PPM to mobilize Malaysia’s or in fact, South East Asia’s greatest 12 hour endurance race – The MMER (Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race) also known as the Sepang 12 Hour. This upcoming 2014 edition is set to commence next month’s end …
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The Experience: Wing Hin Motorsports’ 86 race car at Sepang + On board drive videos

In motorsports, it’s not everyday that a civilian gets to sample a highly guarded race car, other than the team’s own trusted drivers. It’s risky, it’s sensitive, it costs. But just last month, we received that very opportunity. It’s a chance of a lifetime. Better than that, it’s one of the country’s best engineered touring …
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ZEROTOLOSE Go-Kart Enduro Challenge 2014 Concludes – Here’s a quick look at the happenings and results!

While the big guns at Circuit de La Sarthe were battling it out at the infamous 24 Hours of Le Mans, there was also another endurance race taking place, and this one is in our own backyard. Although this race does not involve the high-powered race cars with a complicated aero setup, the back-to-basics ZEROTOLOSE …
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2 Cars, 2 Podium Finishes – Proton R3 claims the 2nd and 3rd Place at the 2014 MSS Round 2!

Although being a factory-backed team, Proton R3’s journey in dominating the 2014 Malaysia Super Series is not an easy task. With competitors like R-Engineering and Team Sakura Tedco Racing gaining momentum in incredible speeds, both James Veerapan and Syafiq Ali would have to give an extra mile to even make it on the podium.
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Mark Darwin and Fitra Eri Grabs the Top Spot Once Again for Team Sakura Tedco Racing at the 2014 MSS Round 2!

They conquered Round 1, and they will surely put the hammer down for Round 2. With the pace set on the opening round of the 2014 Malaysia Super Series last March, Mark Darwin and Fitra Eri from Team Sakura Tedco Racing are set to grab the podiums once again for the Malaysia Touring Production category.
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Another Bad Luck for R-Engineering’s 2014 Malaysia Super Series Conquest in Round 2

Turning heads not only during TIMETOATTACK, R-Engineering is also doing pretty well in the 2014 Malaysia Super Series. The combination of Lai Wee Sing and Alvaro Maurato in a well-prepped race machine had pretty much got the attention of everyone competing in the Malaysia Touring Production category, especially after they did an official circuit record of …
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SummerNats Malaysia – JPM Motorsports to Bring the Infamous Aussie Auto Festival to our Shores this 29 August – 1 September 2014!

Making its first appearance back in 1988, the Summer Nationals or famously known as SummerNats has grown to be into a genuine Australian icon. Raking over 103,437 spectators and voted as Australia’s Favorite Event in 2013 and 2014, the folks in Malaysia will soon be able to experience first-hand the atmosphere of this event as …
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2014 Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix – Day 2: Qualifying and photo gallery.

The Formula 1 fever has hit Malaysian soil this weekend with the Round 2 of the championship happening in Sepang International Circuit. With our ever unpredictable weather coming into play – it has certainly brought a little more drama for the drivers and teams to manage their way through qualifying. Truly enough – the qualifying …
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BLU RAY – Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R in High Definition!

Every legend has its own beginnings. Although the Nissan Skyline GT-R’s roots could be traced all the way back to the late 1960’s, it is not until the third-generation had hit the roads that the three powerful letters made any sense. Powered by a 2.6-liter inline-six RB26 engine, the R32 GT-R went on an unstoppable …
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Honda Malaysia Racing Team (HMRT) Battle Report at Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race!

The Sepang 1000KM (S1K) endurance race is not for the faint hearted, and only the best of the best could cross the finish line what more, with a respectable position!. Fuelled by their signature “Challenging Spirit”, the Honda Malaysia Racing Team (HMRT) basked in glory once again, as after hours of fierce battle on the …
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Honda Malaysia Racing Team’s #27 Triumphs in the 2013 Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race!

Racing non-stop for 1,000km is no easy task, especially when the opponents driving next to you are determined to take the checkered flag ahead of you. But in an endurance race, it is also a priority to actually finish the race itself, which is why we would like to congratulate all the men and women …
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HMRT Secures Top Two Positions in Qualifying, Tedco Racing Trailing Right Behind!

The Sepang 1000KM endurance race has always been the platform to put both man and machine to the test on our own 5.543 km circuit. The 180+-lap race has attracted numerous entries from both local and international, and the 2013 edition of the S1K promises a tough fight to the finish line among the competitors.
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The Time Attack Machines and GT-Rs @ 2013 TIMETOATTACK Final Round + Results!

Just like the name it was given, the Time Attack Machines class is conceived for cars that are de-limited and built for one specific purpose: to attack Sepang in the fastest possible manner. Stripped off all its unnecessary trims and treated to an almost unlimited supply of parts and engineering a circuit-bred car could ever …
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Turbos Lead the Way @ 2013 TIMETOATTACK Final Round + Results!

Although turbocharged cars age generally associated with the term “turbo lag”, they are nothing short of quick and fast nonetheless and has in store, tonnes of potential on the circuit. Providing the driver with a surge of boost at will, the turbocharged machines at the recent 2013 TIMETOATTACK Round 2 came down in a massive …