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The Experience: Wing Hin Motorsports’ 86 race car at Sepang + On board drive videos

In motorsports, it’s not everyday that a civilian gets to sample a highly guarded race car, other than the team’s own trusted drivers. It’s risky, it’s sensitive, it costs. But just last month, we received that very opportunity. It’s a chance of a lifetime. Better than that, it’s one of the country’s best engineered touring …

Cosworth preps up a power package for the Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ!

Although the Toyota GT86 is adored for its FR layout and nimble handling, complaints about the lack of power from the 2.0-liter boxer engine are inevitable. Offering a solution to this matter, Cosworth had just introduced a new “Stage 1” power package to pack this lively pup with a couple of fangs, which is also …
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Total Oil Malaysia announces collaboration with Wing Hin Motorsports!

A leading worldwide producer of cutting-edge lubricants, Total Oil Malaysia is proud to announce their partnership with Wing Hin Motorsports today. Known for its active motorsports involvement which includes Formula One, the World Rally Championships and the DAKAR Rally, Total Oil will be the exclusive provider of lubricants to the Wing Hin Motorsports’ racing team …

FD Malaysia 2013 Exclusive – A Quick Q&A Session with the Norwegian Hammer, Fredric Aasbo!

Great drivers with great cars; the Formula Drift Malaysia 2013 is giving us assurance that this year’s showdown will be like nothing we have ever seen before. And set to give out a tough fight to all the competitors is a Norwegian that has become a household name in drifting. Making his debut on Malaysian …

Toyota’s hooning machine will receive extra muscle for its mid-life facelift – Turbocharging and hybrid is a possibility?

The GT86 is indeed not a very fast car – but what it losses in speed, it makes up with rear-wheel drive fun and an interactive chassis. However, handling alone doesn’t cut it for us and we’ve always imagined a faster – more potent engine in the GT86. Yes, many tuning companies have turbocharged the …
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Monster Tajima to Conquer the 2013 Pikes Peak with the 660HP Super 86!

Peugeot’s Pikes Peak machine is a beast. Weighing only 875kg, they could fully utilize the 875-horsepower from the mid-mounted V6 and possibly reach the peak before the 10-minute barrier. But while all heads are towards this stealthy hill climber, Nobuhiro Tajima is not going to sit back and do nothing about it.

Patented Images of the Toyota 86 Convertible Leaks through the Net!

The Toyota 86 has been associated with numerous possible models ever since it was launched last year. Other than the more powerful turbocharged/supercharged version that enthusiasts say is a must-have for a fun FR machine, they are also eyeing on a convertible version to pop out anytime soon. Looks like the latter might be coming …