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The 2016 Jaguar XF is the new cat in town – priced at RM 450K onwards!

Sitting between the recently-launched XE and the top-of-the-range XJ, Jaguar Land Rover (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (JLRM) today had taken the covers off the all-new Jaguar XF. Using Jaguar’s lightweight aluminium-intensive architecture, the XF’s coupe-like design incorporates outstanding proportions, elegant surfaces and perfect lines to make it stand out like other Jaguar cars.
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Jaguar making a return in motorsports with a factory team in Formula E!

With the new F-Type rumbling out from the production lines, we would have thought that this sporty coupe will be the candidate when Jaguar announced that they are returning into the world of motorsports. Unfortunately we would have to wait for such a thing to happen as the platform they are entering is actually the …

Hennessey tweaks the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe to produce 623HP!

Although famously known in tuning muscle cars like the Camaro and turning it into a tire-shredding monster, Hennessey Performance Engineering also tinkers around machines from Europe like Ferrari and BMW. And the latest European machine to have gone under their knife is Jaguar’s latest F-Type R Coupe, in which Hennessey had given it a dose …
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Range Rover unveils the world’s fastest SUV – the 2014 Sport SVR!

While you usually hear the words like “fastest car” or “most powerful sedan” dominating the headlines, rarely enough we heard about news on an SUV going to speeds deemed unfamiliar in their territory. But if you have stuck a massive Jaguar engine into an SUV like the Range Rover, what you will get is possibly …
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Jaguar brings virtual into reality with their Virtual Windscreen Concept!

If you could recall a while back, Land Rover showcased their impressive ‘Transparent Hood’ technology on board their Discovery Vision Concept, and it is nothing short of being awesome. While that might be really useful for such vehicles to go through rough terrains, Jaguar had come up with its own take on a virtual interface …