On board: Mind Blowing AMG GT3 shakedown in Sepang Circuit

Bonkers mad isn’t it? This video clearly demonstrates the sheer acceleration and braking force an AMG GT3 race car is capable of, judging from the familiar circuit as benchmark in this awesome onboard driving footage. If you’ve driven in Sepang before, you’d likely be as impressed as I am witnessing this driver, in a GT car rocketing down the main straights at top speed then braking at the 100m mark and enters T1 perfectly.

About Melvin Moh

Just about anyone can race cars but it takes immense experience to pilot a GT3 racecar properly. The driver in question is non other than Melvin Moh, GT3 driver for Team Phoenix Racing Asia and AutoInc Racing. This was after the peak of Petronas Motorsports when he moved up from Formula BMW racing onto GT racing in the white / green liveried SLS GT3. Melvin is also a driving coach at AMG Driving Academy and has deep, deeo roots in Karting. He is also attached to Birel Art Asia and spends much of his time developing talents in karting, specifically at the X30 Asia Series.

The Shakedown

In this video, Melvin was contracted to perform a shakedown for a newly purchased AMG GT3 example for a customer based in China. It is basically a first test for race teams to acquire base data for future development. In this 2-day GT3 racecar test, the team had an engineer from HWA AG to provide technical support. HWA AG is in essence the motorsport brains behind the more commercial Mercedes AMG, which was founded in 1967 by Hans Werner Aufrecht.

According to Melvin, this AMG GT3 test wasn’t his first moment in the car as he was previously tasked with driving a similarly specced car at the AMG Driving Academy in China. When asked how did the new AMG GT3 racecar compared to his old love, the Petronas SLS GT3, Melvin says, “the handling is much better in the sense that the new car has improved aerodynamics and more downforce, it is also more pointy. Engine wise it’s the same as the previous SLS due to the fact it has proven to be a very good engine that has won many races.”

AMG GT3 Base

The AMG GT3 is literally a racecar version of the AMG GTR that was launched here in Sepang just last month:

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On Board the AMG GTR at Sepang Circuit with a GT3 driver!