Volkswagen’s Dieselgate killed the Golf R400!


The Volkswagen Golf R400 is one of those cars that have the promising potential to move from being just a concept and advancing to the production lines. After making its debut at the Beijing Motor Show back in 2014, even big names in Volkswagen like the technical chief gave promising assurances that the R400 has a very high chance of being more than just a concept car.


But no one can accurately predict the future and unfortunately this sad ending was made by Volkswagen themselves. After being caught red-handed with the dieselgate scandal that revealed the automaker cheating in the emission tests, one of the latest aftermaths saw this potential hot hatch receiving the axe.


The aforementioned technical chief, Heinz-Jakob Neusser was the one assured the world that the R400 is on its way to production. But since the scandal, he was forced to resign and that instantly put the R400 project straight into the bin. However, that might not be the last we will ever hear of the R400 just yet.


The EA888 engine that was set to power the R400 might find its way to some Audi model as the Four Rings is still working on a high-performance version of the engine. However, there is no definite word on which model it will be powering or whether it will still be producing 400 PS.