The Ex-Ferrari F1 boss is now Lamborghini’s new CEO!


While we usually relate the name Stephan Winkelmann to Lamborghini, such association can no longer be made as the Volkswagen Group has selected the Lamborghini CEO as the new chief executive officer of Quattro GmbH. But the seat will not be empty for long as replacing Winkelmann is somebody who used to be from the Prancing Horse called Stefano Domenicali.

If you are a Formula 1 fan, the name should immediately ring a bell as he was the team principal for the Ferrari Formula One team from 2008 – 2014. Then again, he is not affiliated only to Ferrari as he had also worked with Audi as well as the FIA. Domenicali will assume the role in Lamborghini as of March 15, leaving his position as vice-president of ‘New Business Initiatives’ at Audi.

“I am very excited to be taking on the challenges of this great legacy,” said Domenicali. “It is now my duty to continue the successes that my predecessor Stephan Winkelmann achieved for Automobili Lamborghini,” he added.


Winkelmann had brought Lamborghini to extreme heights as the company enjoyed huge growth with sales doubled and the turnover more than tripled. Lamborghini also has expanded their dealer network where they now have 135 dealers in 50 countries. It is also under Winkelmann’s reign where the Urus SUV receives its green light. It is set to be launched in 2018 and creates 500 jobs at the Sant’Agata factory.