Pagani updates the Huayra with the Pachetto Tempesta package!


From the factory itself, the Pagani Huayra is already an amazing machine. Featuring a 730-horsepower 6.0-liter V12 engine located behind the driver, zerotohundred can be dealt with in 3.0 seconds and has a top speed of 370km/h. But since its debut back in 2011, some might call the Huayra to be a bit dated, and that is where Pagani steps in.


To add a bit more spice to the Huayra, Pagani had come up with a new package called the Tempesta pack. It was originally revealed at the recent Geneva Motor Show and the new package aims to further sharpen the Huayra’s existing performance. They might have left the AMG-supplied V12 untouched, but that is not the only area that they could improve.


The package focuses on improving the Huayra’s aerodynamics by giving it a new underfloor which includes a more aggressive front and rear diffuser. A set of larger and lighter forged aluminium 20-inch(F)/21-inch(R) wheels are fitted in, as well as a set of four-way Ohlins shock absorbers an a new titanium exhaust.


The new exhaust is said to be 40-percent lighter than the standard exhaust, tipping the scales at just 7kg. The new wheels also saved an extra 2.2kg at the front axle and another 5kg at the rear. Those who already own a Huayra in their garage are able to retrofit their ride with this new package at a price of 160,000 Euros (RM 732,026).