McLaren to give the 675LT a power boost for Geneva?


Have you ever thought that McLaren should hold their horses in making more models that look or specced fairly similar to the ones before? While we do welcome new models from the British supercar maker, the 675LT will soon be dethroned as the most extreme version of McLaren’s Super Series as there will be a more powerful version coming out very soon.


Developed by the guys at McLaren Special Operations (MSO), this new car is referred to as the High Sport (HS) and might be making its debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Based on the 675LT, the new 688HS will be packing more power and lighter as well.


If the report from Autogespot is true, the 688HS will be powered by none other than the upgraded version of the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine found in the 675LT Coupe and Spider, pushing out 678-horsepower or 688PS.


Aside from the power boost, McLaren will surely be giving the 688HS some weight reductions through the use of carbon fiber, but it is currently unknown on how many kilograms will the 688HS lose compared to the 675LT. It is also rumoured that the 688HS will receive a new rear wing to give it more downforce.


Production is limited to only 25 units and while it is reported that all of them will only be in coupe configuration, the 675LT showed us that it is not impossible for them to come out with a Spider version.