Lamborghini celebrates founder’s 100th birthday with the 770HP Centenario!


If you think you have found the highlight of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show with the new Bugatti Chiron, you might want to rethink that decision. Obviously, the Geneva Motor Show is always full with surprises and since 2016 is also the year Lamborghini is celebrating the 100th year of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s birth, surely they will have something special in store for the fans.


And it is at Geneva that Lamborghini finally decided to take the covers off their yet another special creation called the Centenario. Based on the Aventador, the new Centenario looks nothing short of being bonkers and eye-catching; like all Lamborghinis meant to be.


Packing 770-horsepower, Lamborghini will only be making 40 of such examples, 20 in coupes and another 20 in roadsters. Zerotohundred takes only 2.8 seconds and has a top speed that exceeds 350km/h. Each of them comes with a USD 1.9 million (RM 7.9 million) price tag and even if you have such an amount lying around, unfortunately all of them have been sold out.


The Centenario features a monocoque and body made out of carbon fiber, making it 55kg less than the Aventador it is based on at 1,520kg. It measures at 4,924mm long and 1,143mm high, bringing it 144mm longer and 7mm taller than the Aventador.



But the aerodynamics has got to be the main highlight of the Centenario as it is made to be both functional and aggressive at the same time. From the sweeping front splitter to the menacing rear diffuser, the Centenario clearly emphasizes on Lamborghini’s shock and awe approach especially on the extending rear wing, Y-shaped taillights and the three mid-mounted exhausts.


The interior is customizable to the client’s preferences where it comes with lightweight carbon fiber sports seats, new stitching on the length of the dashboard, steering wheel, and new carbon fiber inner door panels, wrapped in Alcantara.