Ford opens the order books for the new GT supercar!


When Ford revealed their new GT to the world, everyone was caught off-guard as there were no spyshots or leaks prior to this new supercar’s official appearance. And if you are one of those interested in getting this gorgeous machine on your driveway, this is your chance as Ford has opened the order books and set up a special website as well.


Aside from putting your booking at, there is also a configurator that allows you to play around the car’s options such as the colour, wheels, as well as the interior. One could also opt for a matte black finish and if lightness is your concern, carbon fiber wheels. Starting price was said to be in the mid USD 400,000 (RM 1,565,180) region.


Although registration is open to users worldwide, not everyone will get actually be able to simply put a booking for the new Ford GT. All orders will be vetted to ensure that the car will actually end up to genuine fans that will actually drive them. A similar practice was done by Ferrari and McLaren for their flagship LaFerrari and P1, although some did make it into the used car market not long after.


Ford will be making 250 units of the GT per year and with the initial round of ordering closing up at 12th May which will cover the first two years of production, we are looking at 500 Ford GTs. The new Ford GT features a mid-engine monocoque structure made from carbon fiber. Power comes from a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 that generates around 630-horsepower and 539 lb-ft of torque.