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See how this Mugen RR is slaughtered for half cut before export

FD2 Civic Mugen Type RRJapan is a nation of over 127 million people and about 16 million cars. It is also a country that manufactures some of the most sought after cars and aftermarket parts. In the last 2 decades, demand for cars and parts new or second hand has never been higher.

FD2 Civic Mugen Type RR
FD2 Civic Mugen Type RRA rare and immaculate Mugen RR heading for slaughter.

On the aspect of used parts alone, Japan export shiploads of these scrap items where consumers from other parts of the world sees as treasure. These treasure items are what they are because JDM (Japan Domestic Market) parts are never made available via other markets due to emission standards, costs, politics and so on.

FD2 Civic Mugen Type RR
FD2 Civic Mugen Type RRYes, only a handful of oil changes were ever done to this Mugen

Half Cut. A common term for how scrapped cars from Japan are being exported. As the term suggests, cars that are being exported as scrap will need to go through a mandatory scrap process which requires these cars to be slaughtered in half before being loaded into shipping containers.

FD2 Civic Mugen Type RR
Removable items are carefully unbolted for packing before shipping

But the process of chopping the cars into half cuts is as cruel as it sounds and can give any auto enthusiast a heartache or even a heart attack. Our hearts skipped a beat when we saw a post from someone named Bosco Fong on Facebook containing images of what seemed like a chop in progress of an ultra rare FD2 Honda Civic Mugen Type RR.

FD2 Civic Mugen Type RR
Wiring that runs from north to south are disconnected and set aside to avoid from being chopped

At least for the moment it is safe to say that 1 out of 300 of these rare breed JDMs is officially dead. The images depict a red FD2 Honda Civic Mugen Type RR in a pristine condition being professionally chopped.

FD2 Civic Mugen Type RR
Here, a stone cold technician is seen carrying out the heart wrenching chop

There were no further details where this half cut is heading to but judging from the photos, this half cut is definitely going somewhere and is likely to be resurrected either as a donor for “transfusion” or to be re-joined at the seams then caged as a track car.

FD2 Civic Mugen Type RR
Yes, this is a typical view of a properly chopped JDM stuffed with its own innards