Volkswagen previews next-gen interface with Gesture Controls on the Golf R Touch Concept!

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Earlier today, Volkswagen unveiled their new Golf R Touch Concept car and while it does not have a W16 stuffed somewhere in the car, the name should give you a hint of what it is featuring. Fitted with a futuristic looking cabin, this Golf R Touch Concept is the result of the partnership between Volkswagen and QNX for future infotainment systems.


The Golf R Touch is fitted with three high-resolution screens; a 12.8-inch infotainment system touch screen, an 8-inch Control Centre touch screen with feedback, and a 12.3-inch Active Info Display that serves as an instrument cluster and other possible functions that could be programmed with. By fitting these touchscreens, Volkswagen said that this could just be a controversial move as it replaces nearly all the physical buttons or knobs in the vehicle.

2014-volkswagen-golf-r-touch-concept--2015-ces_100495703_h 2014-volkswagen-golf-r-touch-concept--2015-ces_100495701_h

Volkswagen also said that the system was developed to help reduce driver distraction while at the same time maintaining maximum personalization and intuitive operation. They are boasting a very fast response time for the screens and are also customizable.

The highlight of the Golf R Touch would be the gesture-based controls where instead of physically touching the screens, you can operate the screen or a function by waving your hands or pointing your fingers.