This Weekend: TIMETOATTACK FINALS Event Layout, Schedule and Activities + HKS Premium Day!

event banner tta final 2015As we approach the weekend, here are 4 essential slides for your reference to better understand the upcoming HKS PREMIUM DAY MALAYSIA + TIMETOATTACK FINAL ROUND 2015 happening Oct 3 & 4 at Sepang Circuit!.

Event Schedule

tta final event sceduleEvent Layout for Paddocks Area


Event Layout for Paddocks Upper Level, Level One at the HKS Premium Bazaar

tta final level one

HKS PREMIUM DAY + TIMETOATTACK FINAL ROUND 2015: This Weekend Oct 3 & 4 | 9am – 5pm | Sepang Circuit
Air Flown from Japan: HKS Premium Day & HKS GTR GT1000+ & Nob Taniguchi