The upcoming Porsche 991 GT3 RS caught completely undisguised!


Aside from the production version of the new Honda Civic Type R and the Acura NSX, we are just diligently waiting for the moment for Porsche to officially take the covers off their new and upcoming 991 GT3 RS. Despite making a couple of appearances, we never really saw this new car caught without any sort of disguises or covers; until now.


A more extreme version of the GT3, Stuttgart resident Johan9ff stumbled upon something that will go like wildfire on the net as he caught the new GT3 RS without any sort of concealment whatsoever.



Looks like the earlier renderings and images of the new GT3 RS were pretty much spot-on as this specimen looks very similar to those. It has a deeper front spoiler than the GT3 and a redesigned front bumper with bigger air intakes. Air outlets are seen on top of the front wheels for the increased needs of cooling for the front brakes. One could also notice the fixed rear wing that is larger than the one on the GT3, obviously to provide more downforce.


The new GT3 RS is also grabbing headlines for breaking the tradition in a couple of angles. First of all, Porsche is ditching the manual transmission for the GT3 RS in favour of the PDK gearbox. And secondly, the rear air intakes which are usually seen on the 911 Turbo models are seriously suggesting that this new model will be turbocharged, which is also a first for its kind.