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The new Honda Civic Type R gets refined by RevoZport!


The Honda Civic Type R is definitely one of the most anticipated cars for 2015 as it is not only the fastest production FWD car to lap the Nurburgring, it is also the first Type R to be fitted with a turbocharged engine. While some might question the sharp and in-your-face looks of this new model, RevoZport figured that this new hot hatch can still do with a couple of improvements on its outlooks.



RevoZport had recently released a preview of two different bodykits offered for the new Civic Type R. The first one involves the removal of the huge rear wing in favour of a more subtle rear end similar to the Civic hatchback. From the sketches, they will also be installing new exhaust tips and a new diffuser as well.


Adding a set of canards in the front, RevoZport will also be adding a ‘991 GT3’-like air intake on the hood. Using carbon fiber for parts like the front splitter and side skirts, the car’s original rear wing can still be retained if the customer has no issues with it.


As for the time being, the changes made by RevoZport are pretty minimal, but we bet that they will be coming up with something more appealing in the next few months.