The 2015 KL City Grand Prix Preview – V8 Supercars, Lamborghini Super Trofeo and more!


Once upon a time, the only place where we could see fully-armed GT3 cars racing through the tarmac is at our beloved Sepang International Circuit. But that is now a thing of the past where in an interesting turn of events, Kuala Lumpur now joins the ranks of Monaco and Macau as we recently saw the inaugural Kuala Lumpur City Grand Prix taking place in the heart of KL!

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Being its first ever running, there is no doubt that aside from the excitement from race fans all over, the proposal of running a street race on what could be one of the busiest streets around was met with a lot of challenges. But the organizers have worked their best and collaborated with the local council to ensure that routes were properly rerouted and motorsports can finally be brought to the masses at their doorsteps.


Focusing on the bright side, the organizers had done a great job in setting up the makeshift circuit and placing the sturdy barriers in keeping the spectators safe and sound. Those who had attended the KL City GP were in for a treat as the race series lined up for them are nowhere short of excitement and speed.

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First up we have the open wheel cars Formula Masters China blazing through the streets of KL in a terrific display of wheel-to-wheel racing. These 180-horsepower, 525kg race cars might not be as fast as any F1 cars but having them buzzing through between the tall skyscrapers of KL sure got the race fans pumped up!


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And if that is not enough, another first at the KL City GP is the historical appearance of the guys from Australia where they joined the festival with their V8 Supercars. We got to admit, we were a bit disappointed that only 5 cars made its way for the KL City GP and we initially thought that it would not be much of a show since they did not show up in full force.


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How we were wrong as even though this was just an exhibition round, the V8s mighty rumble sure did put up a great show and leaving us and the spectators wanting for more!

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But if it is racing you are looking for, the angry Bulls from the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia Series had definitely supplied a truck load of that. With great drivers from all over converging on the tight street circuit to see who is best, the show is brought up a notch with the appearance of the new Huracan Super Trofeo race car, replacing the previous Gallardo Super Trofeo.

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The V10s are never ashamed sing their symphony and the drivers are never scared to go inches from the barrier at impressive speeds.

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And last but not least, the show was not over until the cars of the KL City GP itself invade the circuit. Ford GT, Ferrari 458, you name it. These cars were not sparing any room to the road to victory and since their race was the last one for the day, you can bet that they sure did put on a show KL-ians will never forget.

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A more detailed report of the race series held throughout the week will follow soon enough, so stay tuned to Zerotohundred.com and enjoy the pictures we have for you for now!