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Pre Race Video: Altezza warm up session on-board + foot cam

The Malaysia Championship Series is set to take place this weekend and I would like to take this opportunity to publish a first of a series of upcoming race videos revolving around the motorsports scene that we at Zerotohundred.com are taking part in.

There are a number of previously made videos that will make their way here as we move on, so stay tuned, and please comment if you enjoyed it and if you like, feel free to request other forms of race perspectives or in-depth features you might wish to see in the future.

The video above depicts what most teams and drivers go through before actually heading out to the circuit to perform an actual Qualifying run. We call this the Warm Up. It is in this warm up exercise that drivers get acquainted with the said car, especially after a long hiatus.

This exercise also help drivers determine the status of his / her racecar, vital statistics, suspension setup so on and so forth. At the very least, it’ll prepare the racecar for the all-important run by means of warming up the engine, tyres and brakes.

The process is simple:

  • Driver heads out to the circuit for an out-lap
  • Driver then studies the car and picks up any anomaly there might be
  • Driver warms up the essentials by loading the brakes and tyres to taste
  • Driver immediately returns to the pits for final checks with the race engineer(s)
  • Some feedback are exchanged if any
  • Setup can be revised should the driver wishes to
  • Driver then heads out to perform actual run

In this video, I’ve taken the liberty to include a footcam to provide additional perspectives with regards to my footwork in forms of braking, throttling, heel and toe gestures that goes into operating a racecar.

Please enjoy and do leave your comments or questions!