Ferrari uncovers the mean 488 GTB and GT3 at the Finali Mondiali!


Since the new and turbocharged 488 has been launched months ago, it is only a matter of time before Ferrari started tweaking this new V8 stallion and turning it into a hardcore race machine. And finally at the recent Finali Mondiali at Mugello, Ferrari had taken the covers off their new race car which will gradually replace the 458s in the motorsports scene.


The new 488 GTB and GT3 are Ferrari’s new products from the motorsports division and will start competing in various racing series next year. The GT3 variant will start breathing down their opponents’ necks with the 550PS coming out from the 3902cc V8 engine. The GTE however gets the same engine with a slightly larger 3996cc capacity with 485PS.


Compared to the road car, both the 488 GTB and GT3 had undergone serious transformation to make it a serious weapon on the track. The aerodynamics in particular has been upgraded dramatically to not only comply with the regulations, but also to keep this race car planted during the attack. Safety has not been compromised as well where it also features a roll cage made from steel to protect the occupant in the event of an accident.


Speaking to, Corse Clienti racing director Antonello Coletta pinpointed some of the distinct features of the 488 compared to its predecessor, the 458. Since the car is now turbocharged, they would have to start a series of studies “to analyse fuel consumption, the engine’s ECU mappings and lots of work has also been made on the aerodynamic front.”


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