DAMD transforms your typical Toyota GT86 into a Japanese Aston Martin!


If the line-up of the current Ford vehicles repeatedly confuses you with Aston Martin due to its similarly-styled front grille, then this new creation from DAMD will confuse you even more. Known to have created a kit that will transform your typical GT86 into an ‘LFA’, they had come up with a new kit and this time it seems that the inspiration had come from the famous British marquee.


Yep, on first glance, you will definitely give this car a second look as the grille style looks very similar of those on an Aston Martin. And to make things worse, the project is appropriately called the 86 Vantage which might be getting some attention from Aston themselves.


So far we have had heard of any actions taken by Aston themselves on this matter, but let us have a deeper look on this new kit for the GT86. Starting from the front, the 86 gets a new bumper which includes that ‘Aston’ grille, flanked by redesigned air intakes and fog lights. The rear also gets a makeover with a new rear bumper that does not look that far off from the original.


The look is then finished with a set of 19-inch RAYS wheels wrapped with Bridgestone Potenza tires, ACRE brakes, Sprint Racing shocks and a ram air intake system developed by DAMD. The interior is also given the posh look by using light cream leather covers for the seats, and a dark brown finish is given to parts like the dashboard, gear shifter, doors, handbrake and other elements.