Bugatti to present the final Veyron at the Geneva Motor Show!


The Veyron is actually a limited-run car where Bugatti only planned to make 450 of such examples. With 300 of them being coupes and the rest are open tops, Bugatti is getting close in making the final few with reports coming in saying that there are only eight slots left for the car. With the Veyron inching to its end, Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer has revealed that the Veyron #450 will be making an appearance at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.


The CEO revealed this to Auto Motor und Sport where he confirmed that the production of the Veyron will end this year. However, he did not include any additional information on this final Veyron but it is expected for the model to be based on the 1,183-horsepower Grand Sport Vitesse.


Since this is the end of the mighty Veyron, we can finally start looking forward for its more powerful successor. The Bugatti factory in Molsheim, France, will be tooled up to start production of this successor which might be packing a hybrid powertrain.


But the arrival of this successor will not be that soon as Durheimer described that their cars are comparable to pieces of art which will take time to develop. But a ray of light was also shed as he said that any successor will need to perform better than the Veyron in every possible way.