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Honda and Mugen to debut five concepts at Tokyo Auto Salon ’16!


Since Honda is gaining attention worldwide with their new Civic Type R and the new S660 kei car, it is not a surprise that these models will take the stage at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon 2016. But what makes these cars special on the stage is that they will also receive touches from Mugen to make it stand up from the rest.


Starting with the turbocharged Type R, Mugen has designed and developed a range of new aerodynamic parts which at the same time adds up the ‘aggressiveness’ of the Type R. The parts developed include an extended front splitter with large aero elements on the sides and connected to the front wheel arches.


The front end also receives a new bumper with a redesigned grille and air intakes. Mugen has also given the Type R a new custom hood, extended side skirts, as well as a new set of 11-spoke gunmetal grey wheels. The rear has also been upgraded where Mugen had installed a large rear wing, a new bumper and rear diffuser.


As for the S660, Mugen had prepared two custom packages for the kei car and are all exclusively available in Japan. This cute roadster now gains a pair of fangs, all thanks to the new bonnet, front fascia, sporty wheels, new side skirts, a rear wing and a rear diffuser.