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2015 TIMETOATTACK FINAL ROUND – The Naturally-Aspirated Machines + Results!


Now we are done with the Euros, it is time to check out how the naturally-aspirated machines fared in the recent attack at Sepang International Circuit. This Honda-filled category has always been the screaming grounds of VTECs unleashing their fury on the circuit, but the sight of other makes and models joining the attack makes this category an interesting one to follow.

DSC_2975 IMG_6006

Starting off with the Street NA-FF, this Toyota Celica is the needle in the haystack of Hondas running in the category. Yap Choe Hoong did pretty well clocking a 2:58.129 in this machine.

_DSC0715 DSC_2965 IMG_6158

We do not see much CRX Del Sols on the road nowadays, and we sure are glad that one did appear to join TIMETOATTACK. This cute baby blue machine was piloted by Amier Amzar Akbarudin and he clocked a best timing of 2:54.012.

DSC_3404 IMG_5941

Found mostly in the European market, this Civic Type R EP3 is extremely rare on our shores compared to the dominating FD2Rs. But that does not mean that this hatchback is any slower as Muhammad Qamaruzzaman steered this hot hatch to clock a 2:44.758.

DSC_3383 IMG_6116

The Civic EG might have reached its twenties by now, but it is still a platform to be feared upon in the right hands where Chu Boon Poi managed to get a best timing of 2:43.791 in this fifth gen Civic.

_DSC0613 IMG_6060

But once again, the FD2R remains to be the dominating force in the Street NA-FF category where Jesper Tan clinched third place with a timing of 2:35.172.

_DSC0691 IMG_6105

TIMETOATTACK regular Ari7474 also managed to secure a spot on the podium once again with his timing of 2:33.269, but this time the top spot is not for an FD2R to take as…

_DSC0697 IMG_6385

…Matthew Ng and his Civic EK took everyone by surprise with his 2:32.484 timing, putting him as the fastest man in the Street NA-FF category.

_DSC0694 IMG_6392

In the more serious Super Street NA-FF class, Chris Tan of Pentagon Racing took the circuit in a Civic EK with an interesting K swap. Riding on a set of Advan A050s, he took fifth place with a 2:31.439.


Coming in fourth was another Civic EG piloted by Uzi Ng but with a faster timing of 2:28.942.


With a time difference of 0.5 second, Leonardo Tefinkjian was able to clinch third place in the category with his timing of 2:28.465 in the Civic Type R FD2.


Matthew Ng made an appearance once again with his Civic EK but this time with stickier Advan A050s. Although he managed to clock a faster time of 2:26.594, it was not enough to give him the win in the Super Street NA-FF category.


The win instead goes to Aloysius Lek in this mean looking Civic Type R FD2. Equipped with a 2.4L stroked K20A, he takes the win with a seriously fast timing of 2:24.992.


If you are experiencing a Civic overload, fret not as the Street NA-FR category has a wider mix of cars ranging from Toyotas to BMWs. Speaking of Bimmers, Adrian Wong and his 318CI E46 are the only Germans in the class, clocking a timing of 3:15.317 around the 5.543km circuit.

DSC_3012 IMG_6113

Though the Toyota GT86 might not be the fastest car around, Tsui Wing Hong did pretty well in taking the successor to the legendary Hachiroku to clock a 2:53.989.

DSC_3399 IMG_6138

The small and nimble Mazda MX-5 might be more well-known in arenas like autocross, but Zebedee Tay did impress us with his 2:48.740 timing.

DSC_3392 IMG_5948

For this round, the Rotary clan is represented by Sharazi Ismail in the RX8 and he certainly did not disappoint with a pretty fast timing of 2:40.936.

DSC_3398 IMG_5998

Using it both as a daily drive and a track toy, Norman Souza Tan’s Honda S2000 has been set up to his liking in performing both tasks, and he truly deserves the third spot in the class with a timing of 2:40.538.

DSC_3405 IMG_6075

Coming in second was the combination of William Chong/Riley Woo in the Toyota MR-S with a timing of 2:37.320…


…and going home with the win for the Street NA-FR category was Keith Tan in yet another Honda S2000.


There might only be two participants in the Super Street NA-FR, but both the entries are an interesting lot. Jason Tan decided to give Sepang a good rumble by bringing down his Iron Man-themed Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series for the attack, and they sure did put on a show with a timing of 2:34.733.


The win however goes to yet another S2000 driven by Steve Toh. He was able to clock a best timing of 2:33.541 on a set of Advan A050s.



  1. Matthew Ng – Honda Civic EK – 2:32.484
  2. Ari7474 – Honda Civic Type R FD2 – 2:33.269
  3. Jesper Tan – Honda Civic Type R FD2 – 2:35.172
  4. Chong Tun Lung – Honda Civic EG – 2:38.378
  5. Den Chong – Honda Civic Type R FD2 – 2:38.749
  6. Rosli Lee – Honda Civic Type R FD2 – 2:39.007
  7. Bryan Eio – Honda Civic Type R FD2 – 2:41.080
  8. Mohd Firdaus Hazman Shah – Honda Civic Type R FD2 – 2:41.681
  9. Chu Boon Poi – Honda Civic EG – 2:43.791
  10. Muhammad Qamaruzzaman – Honda Civic Type R EP3 – 2:44.758
  11. Alex Tan – Honda Civic EG – 2:45.281
  12. Ong Wei Han – Honda Civic Type R FD2 – 2:45.843
  13. Amier Amzar Akbarudin – Honda CRX Del Sol – 2:54.012
  14. Yap Choe Hoong – Toyota Celica – 2:58.129



  1. Aloysius Lek – Honda Civic Type R FD2 – 2:24.992
  2. Matthew Ng – Honda Civic EK – 2:26.594
  3. Leonardo Tefinkjian – Honda Civic Type R FD2 – 2:28.465
  4. Uzi Ng – Honda Civic EG – 2:28.942
  5. Chris Tan – Honda Civic EG – 2:31.439
  6. Tan Siaw Kian – Honda Civic Type R FD2 – 2:31.512
  7. ShamXira – Honda Civic Type R FD2 – 2:32.082
  8. Frederick Soo – Honda Civic Type R FD2 – 2:33.835
  9. Chong Tun Lung – Honda Civic EG – 2:37.101
  10. Roy Yap – Honda Integra Type R DC5 – 2:45.504



  1. Keith Tan – Honda S2000 – 2:34.457
  2. William Chong/Riley Woo – Toyota MR-S – 2:37.320
  3. Norman Souza Tan – Honda S2000 – 2:40.538
  4. Essay Toh – Honda S2000 – 2:40.876
  5. Sharazi Ismail – Mazda RX-8 – 2:40.936
  6. Jay Joel Ong – Honda S2000 – 2:43.730
  7. Zebedee Tay – Mazda MX-5 NC – 2:48.740
  8. Tsui Wing Hong – Toyota GT86 – 2:53.989
  9. Adrian Wong – BMW 318CI E46 – 3:15.317



  1. Steve Toh – Honda S2000 – 2:33.541
  2. Jason Tan – Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series – 2:34.733