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The Time Attack Machines @ 2014 TIMETOATTACK Final Round!


Purpose-built for one thing and one thing only, the Time Attack Machines at the recent 2014 TIMETOATTACK was in no doubt the crowd’s favourite. Donning a serious aerodynamic package and a hefty punch to go along with it, all eyes are set at the category as rumours are starting to linger around the pit lane stating that we might be seeing a new lap record being set in the Final Round of 2014.



Divided into two classes of Above 2200cc and Below 2200cc, the latter category was filled by none other than the mighty Hondas. Despite its age, cars like the Civic EK9 still proves to be an effective weapon in the right hands as Aun Yue Wei piloted the yellow hatchback around the circuit and posted a best time of 2:39.610.



Of course somewhere in the crowd there will definitely be an FD2R lurking and Ifwat Razak’s bright yellow machine clinched a spot on the podium with a timing of 2:31.497.




Pee Sau Peng wowed the crowd by posting a best timing of 2:30.995 in the Below 2200 category with his Integra DC5R and pretty much had the win in sight. But Alan Wong/Chris Tan’s MSS-prepped FD2R managed to find that extra millisecond to clock a 2:30.564, allowing them to take the win for the category.


The fight in the Above 2200 category also has its own drama brewing up throughout the event as big players turning up with their best machines, aiming their sights for not only the top spot in the class, but also the overall win.



Like mentioned before, it is at TIMETOATTACK where petrolheads can get up close and personal with some of the best project cars in the region, and one of our favourites has got to be the #104 Nissan 180SX. Fitted with a sophisticated aerodynamic setup, we kept our eyes glued to the screens for the timing set by this machine, but unfortunately it had an early retirement due to some technical difficulties.



From the outside, this Evolution IX might not look that menacing compared to the other cars in the same category. But do not be fooled by its appearance as Iskandar Dzulkhairi piloted this orange beast around the circuit and managed to clock a best time of 2:29.435.




Ever since this Subaru WRX STi made an appearance at TIMETOATTACK, we knew that this Time Attack Machine had a lot of potential in it and will continue to impress in the upcoming rounds. Back in 2013, the best that Ken Hooi could do with this boxer machine was a 2:38.469. But they obviously had poured in more work in improving this machine as on this outing, Ken Hooi managed to clock a 2:26.926, allowing him to take third place in the category.




We do not see much RX7s joining TIMETOATTACK. But when we do, it is one heck of a fast rotary. Rotary specialist Amazing Garage is no stranger to TIMETOATTACK and the same goes to their FD3S. Previously a Super Street Turbo contender, they had decided to take it up a notch and take part in the Time Attack Machines Above 2200 category. Putting Kenny Lee behind the wheels, it is safe to say that this is one of the fastest rotary machines we have in the country as it had secured the second place in the category with a 2:26.859.



But the highlight of the year goes to none other than the monstrous Evolution IX of ST Powered’s. Constantly improving their car on every outing, there are rumours running around that we might be seeing a new lap record being set by this menacing Evo. With the talented Desmond Soh behind the wheels, the rumours turned into reality as he took the Evo to its limit and clocked a 2:14.903.


This impressive timing did not only allow him to grab the first place in the category, but also in grabbing the Fastest Man of the Year title with this all new record. With such a record set for 2014, we just could not wait for 2015 and the surprises that will come along with it!