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The Naturally-Aspirated Machines @ 2014 TIMETOATTACK Final Round!


On every round of TIMETOATTACK, the Naturally Aspirated category will always be the liveliest bunch there is. Dominated by Hondas, Hondas and more Hondas, Sepang International Circuit will be filled with high-pitched screams of four-cylinder-engined machines, all gunning for their category’s top spot at TIMETOATTACK.



Proven after many rounds of TIMETOATTACK, the Honda Civic FD2R will surely be filling the NA-FF category to the brim. But they are not the only ones racing against time around the 5.543km circuit as there are also a variety of cars in the category who are not FD2Rs.



While it is still basically a FD2, there are only a handful of Civic Mugen RRs in the world, and even fewer of them are in Malaysia. With only 300 units ever produced, to have one being properly used around Sepang is an absolute rare sight for the spectators. Mohd Hasrul managed to tame the Mugen RR and came back with a best time of 2:43.767.



Powered by the K20A engine with 220-horsepower, the Accord Euro-R is also a pretty rare machine on our shores and the one driven by Muhammad Helmee clocked a decent timing of 2:44.179.




A couple of older-generation Civics like the EK9 and the EG also made an appearance, demonstrating their competitiveness even after all those years. And Wan Izham’s EK9 could surely catch up with its younger siblings as he clocked a best time of 2:36.134, earning him the fourth place in the category.




But the top three places are dominated by none other than the FD2Rs. Taking the third place was Goh Lee Heng with a 2:35.837, followed by Ari7474 with a 2:34.177. Eugene Pang proudly takes first place with more than 1 second to spare with his 2:33.031.



The crowd may be smaller in the NA-RWD category, but that does not mean that the action is going to be any lesser. The BMW E30 is one of the hottest candidates for a project car for today, and Shum’s Bimmer did pretty well with a 2:55.944, placing him third in the category.




Coming in second was Kaz Lee in the Mazda RX8 with a 2:48.765, while first place was grabbed by Steve Toh in the Honda S2000 with an impressive timing of 2:38.281.



Down in the Super Street NA-FF, again the FD2Rs take the podium with Tan Siaw Kian securing third place with a 2:33.490 and Aloysius Lek with his 2:29.003. But sometimes old is gold when Matthew Ng took his Civic EK and took it to serious speeds to clock a 2:28.718, securing the win for the category.


Although Lawrence Yong was the sole participant in the Super Street NA-RWD category, that was no excuse for him to take it slow around the circuit in his Honda S2000 as he clocked a respectable timing of 2:35.718 around the circuit.