Peugeot introduces new livery for the 2008 DKR rally machine!


Maybe matte black gives that menacing and no-compromise looks, which is why we instantly fell in love when Peugeot reveals the monsterized version of their 2008 to tackle the gruelling Dakar Rally. But even with the 2008 DKR now bathed in 2015 Dakar Rally livery, it is still a mean machine to behold.


Peugeot said that the rally machine “has traded its initial all-carbon finish for its official colour scheme”, which this “spectacular metamorphosis is an eloquent sign that the bestial machine is now fully prepared to take on its 4×4 rivals on the most punishing cross-country rally of them all”. The new colour scheme which combines colours like blue, red and white represents the main partners in this project which are Red Bull and Total.


Revealed earlier in April, the 2008 DKR is Peugeot’s representative in their comeback into the Dakar Rally. Powered by a twin-turbocharged V6 diesel producing 340-horsepower, the 2008 DKR will be piloted by Carlos Sainz and Cyril Despres.

“The team has come up with a unique, innovative car which promises to be extremely versatile for the different types of terrain we are likely to come across,” said Sainz. “The concept works well. The test program has shown that it is a very fast machine, although it is obviously difficult to be 100-percent sure of its reliability at this early stage,” he added.