Next-Gen Audi RS3 To Soldier On With Current Engine!

Based on the ever successful Volkswagen Group Modularer Querbaukasten (MQB) platform, the Audi A3 made a global debut back in 2012. A year later in 2013, Audi launched a spiced up S3, with a 300 hp engine propelling the little hatchback from zerotohundred in just 5.2 seconds. And now, Audi is finalizing the even hotter Audi RS3.



This time around, the hotter Audi RS3 will use the same 2.5L inline-five that powered the predecessor, but with more horses under the hood. Audi remains tight lipped on actual horse count, but it will boast more than the 335 horses of the previous generation RS3. The only transmission offered is Audi’s seven speed dual clutch automatic, which is paired to Audi’s famed Quattro all wheel drive system for superior traction. Power will be biased to the rear wheels to enhance throttle adjustability. While the older RS3 managed to hit zerotohundred in just 4.6 seconds, the new Audi RS3 is expected to hit the low fours when its out.

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Engine aside, the Audi RS3 can also be optioned with sports exhaust for the extra growl. Tires measure at 235/35R19 all round, with wider 255 series for the fronts being an option. Stopping power comes from all round disc brakes, and buyers can opt for carbon ceramic brakes up front as well.


The new Audi RS3 is expected to debut during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

Photos via AutoExpress


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