Eighth Gen Volkswagen Golf By 2017?


Barely 5 years plus in the market, the Mk7 Volkswagen Golf is due for a replacement. Yup, that’s right. Volkswagen is currently in the works for the all-new 2017 Volkswagen Golf.

So what’s new to the eighth generation iconic Golf? For beginners, the car will look significantly different from the Mk7 it replaces, with a wider and lower stance. Besides that, the front and rear lights will get a makeover.


Still riding on the VW MQB platform, the Mk8 Golf will host several new safety features, which includes automatic parking and automatic braking. In order to get the Mk8 Golf a bit more upmarket, VW will also throw in some of the new Passat’s (which will be launched later this year) features in, like the Mirror-Link system and a heads-up display. The Mirror-Link system allows the driver to use their smartphone applications via the car’s touch screen system. Pretty neat stuff there. Other than getting some toys from the bigger Passat brother, the new Golf will also benefit from a cockpit that will closely resemble the Passat.


Power is likely to come from the current crop of TSI engines, and Volkswagen will also introduce some greener engines as well, like a new three cylinder TDI engine. Besides the TDI engine, the new Golf could also feature cylinder deactivation for better emissions.

We are aware that with each new model introduction, the car’s size and weight are bound to increase as well, but fret not. The new Mk8 Golf will be undergoing a weight loss program, and is expected to shed some 50 kg.


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