Caparo ready to scare the living daylights out of you with the 700BHP T1 Evolution!


The Caparo T1 is not exactly what you would describe as a tame or underpowered car by a long run. This sci-fi looking, mid-engined mean machine sends all the 575-horsepower from the 3.5-liter V8 engine to the rear tires via a six-speed sequential gearbox and with a kerb weight of only 470kg, zerotohundred takes only 2.5 seconds. And as if that was not fast enough, Caparo is in the process of making a more extreme version of the T1.


In what already looks like an F1 car on the road, Caparo has announced that the T1 Evolution is currently in development and they are already taking in orders. Like the name suggests, this is an evolution of the T1 that we saw grabbing the top spot on the Top Gear Power Lap board back in 2006 with a 1:10.6, surpassing the Koenigsegg CCX. But their joy was short-lived as it was soon disqualified as the car was too low to even drive over a speed bump.


The T1 Evolution will be featuring a redesigned body for better aerodynamics, a reworked chassis, new suspension, ABS, traction and stability control, and an array of gizmos yet to be revealed. The power has also been pumped up to the region of 700 brake horsepower through a “bespoke power train system”.

For now, Caparo has even yet to say when the Evolution will go on sale, or even how much it is going to cost. But having seen how they made the T1 so extreme, the Evolution will definitely be out of this world.