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Mitsubishi Outlander and Evo X Named Pikes Peak Safety Cars, Aiming for the Top with the i-MiEV Evolution II!

We might have bid goodbye to the Mitsubishi Evolution family line, but they are still far off from being obsolete. Assuming the responsibility as the safety cars on the upcoming 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb happening this June 30th is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and their all-new Outlander crossover.

Dressed in the proper livery for the job, Mitsubishi has specifically built the cars in collaboration with several partners such as AEM, BBS USA, Cobb Tuning, DC Sports, Kenwood USA Corporation and Muellerized Suspension Tuning in undertaking this important role. But these “Official Safety Vehicle” are not the only ones from the Japanese automaker in the field as the electrifying i-MiEV Evolution II will also be there for the Race into the Clouds.

After grabbing the second place in the Electric Vehicle (EV) class last year, the lightweight 321-horsepower i-MiEV Evolution managed to clock 10 minutes 31 seconds going uphill. But it seems like they are aiming for the top this year as it now has 536-horsepower in its disposal and a selection of aerodynamic improvements for added downforce.

Will it be able to outrun Toyota’s EV P002 or even better, Peugeot’s extreme 208 T16? We will be bringing more updates on the 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, so please stay tuned!


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  • Jun 24, 2013
Mitsu LanEvo will vanish?, i think no since this car Miev Evo have been experimented many time for the next Evo 11 which will be shown in 2014, everyone know that Evo have a bad Mileage of fuel for a sport car,that's why not many people buy it "7km per liter", so Mitsu using this solution Hybrid Performance, now a lot of car have been succesful with hybrid, the first company take this challenge and produced is Ferrari which produce LaFerrari and other company which McLaren P1,
Even toyota and audi trying expriment their hybrid in LeMans race. If this next evo improve their fuel consumption let's say 13-15km per liter..that's a great improvement, many other say
"why evo put hybrid?,hybrid suck",that is not the question,Evo 10 is a failed product because of Mitsu economy problem, they decided to release it before finished it. We can anticipate incoming
2014 for new evo..Go Evo!!