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Step Aside Le Mans 24 Hours, Here Comes the Maxi Endurance 48 Hours!

Men will always try to push the capabilities of the four-wheeled machine up to its highest limits. In our own home turf, we have the dedicated racers in GT cars running for 12 hours in the Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race, and of course over in the French countryside, the ever famous 24-Hour of Le Mans pitting the top contenders for one whole day non-stop. But some still think that 24 hours does not really pose that much of a challenge; and for that, they had come up with a much tougher and longer Maxi Endurance 48 Hour Race.

Yes, you heard it right. The 24-Hour of Le Mans can now step aside and give way to this two-day long endurance race which already sounds too shocking to be true. Dubbed as “the longest race in the world”, the race will take place at the Circuit of Navarra over in northern Spain on March 14th 2013 and cars will compete in five categories; GT3, GT4, Ferrari Challenge, Porsche Cup and CN prototypes.

So far, 40 teams had already confirmed their participation in this race with 80 car models from 28 different brands are eligible to participate. And to reward the winners after a 48-hour long race, prize money between USD 263,500 to USD 527,000 is up for grabs, depending on the number of participating entries.

A new set of rules also follows this radical race, such as allowing a team to have five to eight drivers with a maximum 10 hours per driver in shifts of two hours each. They are also allowed to perform rescue and repair operations, which also includes changing the engine. For more information on this epic race, visit their official website at http://maxiendurance48.com/.


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