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Michelin’s new Pilot Sport 3 ups the ante on the competition

It doesn’t matter if your car is fast; it doesn’t matter if your car has 300, 500, 800, or even 1000 horsepower because your car is only as fast as your tires allow it to be. Those four palm sized contact patches that put down all that power are arguably the most important aspect of a running vehicle, performance oriented or not.

To ensure that a driver gets the absolute last drop of power and is able to carry speed into and out of corners with absolute confidence, tire makers go to great lengths to ensure that their product is able to withstand every type of demand exerted onto the tire. After they create the product and pit it against the competition claiming to be the best, they invite us auto-journo’s over to reaffirm their assertion that they have officially created the best product. This time, it was Michelin who invited us to Thailand to put their latest product to the absolute limit.

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