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Rendering: Successor To The Alfa Romeo 159 – Meet The ‘Giulia’


Don’t get too excited yet, this is just an artist’s impression of the Alfa Romeo 159 replacement that is believed to revive the Giulia nameplate. Alfa Romeo are currently in the midst of swapping their current system of numeric names for more personal ones (e.g. the 147s successor will be named Milano). The image you see here (courtesy of Motorionline) is more of a wild guess than anything else, but it’s still gorgeous and Alfa would shift future 159’s faster than they could produce them if it looked like this.

The Giulia, expected to hit the market at the end of 2011, will make use of the Fiat Group’s new versatile C-Evo platform that will also underpin the forthcoming Milano hatchback. This however, means that the Giulia will not make the transition to rear-wheel-drive. Instead, Alfa’s 3-series challenger could be offered with FWD with a 4WD system.

It’s still way too early to say what will be powering the Giulia, but according to our sources, the engine range could see Alfa’s 1.75-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol as well as a V6 petrol and numerous turbo diesels.

As to a GTA variant, let’s just hope this Giulia makes it to production. Considering Alfa ditched its plans for a ‘hot’ 159, it’s still unlikely the Giulia GTA will be offered. .

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  • Aug 5, 2009
That is one gorgeous looking car! I for one hope alfa make it real...