Monster Garage’s Supra + SC430 front. Awesome photos

The boys at Monster Garage need no introduction. They’ve been turning regular Japanese sports cars into Super GT monsters since forever. Much like the example above. No overweight fiberglass and putty here. Most of Monster Garage’s work are pure handcrafted masterpieces from simple metal sheets.

They’ve set the standards so high that other than the lavish Super GT chassis, suspension and powerplants, Monster Garage’s work actually replicates the actual racers so well even right up to the race cockpit

As you may have remembered, this particular Supra+Soarer was actually for sale some months back. We’ll let the pictures from famed local auto photographer, Lim Wan Xiong do the talking.

Words from the photographer:

Copyright © 2009 Lim Wan Xiong, All Rights Reserved

Putrajaya, Selangor, Malaysia

If you’re all wondering what car is this, it’s actually a Toyota Supra. With the Lexus SC transformation, and Super GT wide body kit made by Monster Garage.

Very fast, Very expensive & Very cool!

This car is spectacular, it’s a monster indeed! Not a car you would like to drive everyday, it’s probably one of the most difficult cars I had ever driven, took me quite a while to get the clutch work with the gas. And I was pretty freaked out after 2cd gear. The speed just smashes into your face. Oh and the clutch feels like 50kgs of leg press. Brakes doesn’t feel normal either. The dashboard is like a jet fighters cock pit and smells like petroleum inside. It really gives a super car feeling, like a Gumpert but a street and much more less comfortable version. It has about 700-800hp under the hood. The owner is probably one of the most responsible drivers I had ever known who drives cars like these.

It was pretty fun doing this shoot. We were accompanied with some pretty bored police officers who were just interested to ask about the car. And it happened twice, they were cool. It’s also amazing to watch how people would look at this car when driving through the highway and town areas. One driver on the road was having his eyes glued to this car that he nearly knock into me by the side.

Thank you for reading.

For more on this, please read: here

Some more on the monster:

Here’s what the owner have to say about the specs

Engine :
Trust T78 turbo kit complete with manifold and waste gate. – RM16K. bought new at SS racing
veilside intake plenum with 100mm throttle. – RM10K bought new at SS racing
HKS fuel rail. – RM950. bought at new SS racing
6 x 1000cc SARD injectors.- RM2400. bought new at SS racing
Trust type R racing blow off valve. – RM880. bought new at SS racing
Trust type R intercooler kit. – RM6K. bought new at SS racing
HKS cam pulley.- RM980. bought new at SS racing
HKS 256in 264out time attack cam. – RM4300. bought new at SS racing
Blitz air filter. – RM430. bought new at SS racing
Sard racing aluminium radiator.- RM4500. bought new at SS racing
Apexi breather tank and ARC water tank.- RM680. bought new at SS racing
TRD front and rear strut bar. – RM980. bought new at Vision

Interior :
Recaro TOM CAT bucket seat.- RM12K. bought new at RACARO MALAYSIA
monster garage custom racing carbon dash board. – RM7K.
monster garage custom steering wheel with speed and rev reading+carbon fibre cover. estimated – RM3500 all in.
defi BF meter 6pc set with external warning indicator. – RM2500. bought new at SS racing
12 points roll cage. – RM2000.
Tilton racing floor mount pedals asembly set. – RM 5K+ order online from TAYLOR RACING USA
HKS fcon Vpro. tuned by japanGT car tuners. – RM 13K spent on this. ECU bought new from singapore. tuner hire from japan.

exterior :
monster garage custom ALL-BOLT-ON GTwide body kit with LEXUS SC430 japanGT front conversion. – RM18K.
monster garage custom Aero wave japanGT wing.- RM7K.
monster garage custom rear downforce diffuser. – RM1K.
monster garage custom fibre doors. – RM1800.
monster garage custom fibre rear hood. – RM1600.
monster garage custom carbon fibre rear tail light cover with Super-Bright-LEDs USA brake and turn light…- RM3500K all in.
5zigen cannon ball exhaust muffler x2. – RM1K. bought used.
full stainless steel ext piping with gasket-free clamp joint. – RM1.5K custom made.
Original C-west carbon GT racing mirror. – RM1.5K bought new at SS racing
Original HELLA universal HID driving light. – RM2200K bought at AUTO BACS singapore.

Fuel system :
ATL 55litre racing fuel cell. – RM8500K order online from ATL racing fuel cell USA.
sard 280 in tank fuel pump x2.- RM1700. bought new at SS racing
upgraded fuel line.- RM1500. custom made

Rolling , brake and etc :
RAY eng 19inch x 10.5jj forged magnesium rim. – RM12K. bought new last year at Singapore.
JIC short stroke circuit spec raing dampers. – RM2K. used part.
front : AP racing 6 pot brake kit with 345mm rotors. – RM14K. bought new at singapore.
rear : toyota supra stock 2pot calipers.
Orgura racing clutch ( stand 900bhp ). – RM6500. bought new at SS racing
ATS LSD. RM4K+. bought new at SS racing
BBR brake vpu x2. -RM1600.
tilton brake master pumps.- RM2K. order online from TAYLOR RACING USA.

and many small items i didnt mention…can remember so much….

wide body kit and head conversion is all bolt on kit…can be taken out easily and swap back to originial look……
car body is now painted with black primer paint….
colour can be choose by new potential buyer.
additional of spare oem parts and few after market parts is included such as oem dash board, TRD 340km/h meter cluster,
oem seats, side panel covers, rear hood, doors, spare ZEAL fully aluminium and full adjustable damper, trust profec boost controller,
oem turbo, radiator, and so on….too many to be name them…..

asking price rm200K everything goes…..modification it self had gone more than 300K….
pls dun give ugly coments…pls….if its way too high for sumbody, just ignore this….i’m just trying my slim luck…
price can be lower with some parts taken out…like brake kit, rim and such…
i dunno how much can loan….its a 1993/ 1997 unit….u can simply call up your banker to ask about this….
payment can be split to few instalment on a right terms and condition…
serious buyer pls contact 012 5180043 (LAM) for more details…..
tanx in advance

  • E
  • Feb 5, 2009
This could easily be among the most extreme street driven supras in the world .. U shud get it featured in overseas mags and give Malaysians much needed exposure
Props to an amazing car
  • T
  • Feb 5, 2009
this is sooo wrong man...the car look fungly,look at the side fender. god.
  • D
  • Feb 5, 2009
gotta agree with euro2nride...owner? whatdoyathink?? hehe
  • E
  • Feb 5, 2009
Killer~! Great car~! But my spine won't like it. And my neck.
  • J
  • Feb 5, 2009
old news... was on txn few years bk...
  • L
    lonely driver
  • Feb 5, 2009
can this car be driven on the road with rollcage?
  • S
  • Feb 5, 2009
With all those money spent on the mods...guess how much the total value of this car??
  • S
  • Feb 5, 2009
Looks like a spaceship from outer space.
  • R
  • Feb 5, 2009
real sweet ride
can see owner spend so much effort on this supra

love the pics so much
as if it's from another world
  • M
  • Feb 5, 2009
an extra ordinary car n of course juz extraordinary man can ride with this supermonster
  • A
  • Feb 6, 2009
ive seen it on the road before coming from hatamas to pj.
it looks much better in real life. i hate the disgusting front tho.
the back is fucking awsome tho.
  • Y
  • Feb 6, 2009
Saw this ride before... My conclude was even 40k also I wont buy coz it look so terrible. sorry owner...
  • I
  • Feb 6, 2009
It's cars like these that give the Police reason to buy Evos. LOL

I like the matt black paintjob and the bodykit. I don't quite fancy the interior, how to drive this everyday? I think it'd be more of a once-a-month-on-track car only.
  • A
  • Feb 6, 2009
Did not float my boat on the looks department but serious shit done on the engine, interior, handling and all around the other department. Tilton pedals is sick man... good luck
  • W
  • Feb 6, 2009
great car but too much horse on the road as lag of comfort is a disadvantage, good luck for the owner, anyway it look great at engine and i like to have the modification like this as well to my car engine only..... hheheheheh
  • D
  • Feb 6, 2009
thats what i call a SWEET RIDE!!!!
  • S
  • Feb 6, 2009
  • D
  • Feb 6, 2009
What a waste of a beautiful Supra...
  • A
    amber khoo
  • Feb 6, 2009
nice number plate : DEVIL
  • N
  • Feb 6, 2009
ermm.. Putrajaya is not in Selangor bro..
its Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya..

anyway.. good god!! awesome..

u should've let people know when u r doing the photo shoot..
i would've come..

  • V
  • Feb 6, 2009
Nice photos there. I love the speed effect.

Well, about the car, I saw it in TXN two years back n I think it was in Full Throttle Ipoh and was the featured car on the Full Throttle advertisements. The fourth photo was taken in TXN along with the monster r34 beside it.

Soon after that, heard that the car was sold. The new owner kinda calar the car here n there already.. But before it was sold the matte black paintjob doesn't look clean somehow.. N I think it's called cartoon because of the headlamps.. lol..

Last but not least, that's one hella engine with all those expensive mods thrown in.
  • D
  • Feb 9, 2009
Nice car to own as weekend car or month end car. Not everyone has the chance to drive such a car.
  • D
  • Feb 10, 2009
damn!! for rm200k, i would buy it........
  • M
  • Jun 23, 2011
I love everything about this car, especially the mighty 2J!
Good stuff, I anticipate reading more.
you and wish you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts.