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CONFIRMED !! Schumacher Signs For Mercedes GP – To Race In 2010

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Seven-times Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher will come out of retirement to race for Mercedes next year, BBC Sport understands.

The German, who will be 41 on 3 January, has signed a contract and the deal will be announced imminently.

Schumacher will partner compatriot Nico Rosberg in the team that won the drivers’ and constructors’ titles in 2009 in its former guise as Brawn.

His spokeswoman Sabine Kehm said she could not make any comment.

The German newspaper Bild is reporting that Schumacher signed a one-year deal and it is likely he will have the option to continue beyond 2010 if his returns goes well.

Schumacher will reportedly earn £6.2m after signing up to reunite with Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn, who masterminded all seven of his titles, the first two with Benetton in 1994-5 and the subsequent five with Ferrari from 2000-4.

Mercedes are known to want German rising star Sebastian Vettel in the long term, but the 22-year-old is contracted to Red Bull until the end of 2012.

Schumacher was forced to call off a planned temporary comeback as a stand-in for injured Ferrari driver Felipe Massa last season because of a neck injury sustained in a motorcycle accident last February.

But Schumacher is known to have had medical checks recently and it must be assumed he has been given the all clear as he would not want to face the same embarrassment again.

He signed a revised contract as a consultant for Ferrari, but he told Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo that he was “very close” to concluding a deal to race for Mercedes.

Ferrari have had to release him from his contract to enable him to race for Mercedes.

His comeback is the most high profile in F1 since Austrian Niki Lauda came out of a two-year retirement for the 1982 season to race for McLaren. Lauda, who was 33 at the time, went on to win a third world title in 1984.

Juan Manuel Fangio is Formula 1’s oldest world champion, the Argentine won a fifth world championship at the age of 46 before retiring.

Schumacher has been training hard in preparation for a return and, assuming his neck is fully healed, is not expected to have any problems with fitness.

His former team-mate Eddie Irvine told the BBC last week that he expected Schumacher would win races, even though he would not be as powerful a force as before.

“The speed will be there, though he won’t be as fast as he was seven years ago,” Irvine said.

“He’s not at the peak of his game, but he’s still good enough to win races as he has such an immense talent. It’s still four wheels, a steering wheel and an engine and there’s never been anyone better than Michael.”

Irvine said he thought Schumacher would be at a disadvantage in wheel-to-wheel racing compared to the younger generation of drivers such as 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

“Lewis isn’t going to back off, but Michael will have to because he’ll be 41,” Irvine said.

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  • A
  • Dec 23, 2009
Nice.....looking forward to this ^^
  • F
  • Dec 23, 2009
McLaren - Hamilton/Button
Ferrari - Alonso/Massa
Mercedes - Schumacher/Rosberg

If the story about MS is true, then you have 4 world champions driving in three of the four potentially most competitive teams for 2010 (the fourth team being Red Bull). Should make for some very interesing competition. Hamilton vs Button; Alonso in a Ferrari (finally); Schumacher; All-England team vs All-German team.

Makes you wonder if anyone would even bother looking at 1Malaysia Lotus with the potentially titanic battle going on at the front :)
  • Z
  • Dec 23, 2009
can't wait to see who wins and who bits the dust....
  • H
    Hafidz Moro
  • Dec 23, 2009
yey! MS will drive in Mercedes Petronas GP Team..imagine how much flood light (no more limelight) dat Petronas will pull trough all the way..good marketing/branding/communication job for Petronas!! :)
  • D
  • Dec 23, 2009
this is a good news i must say. but this also will be a helping hand to that short bernie. because his circuit was very close to be made redundant last year. it seems the breakaway plan will never materialised with schummi coming back.

short bernie must been smiling to his ears.

on the other hand, petronas can breathe easily now because schummi will be asking a very modest amount of just near to 7mil euro mark to drive. i know the salary will be paid collectively by the sponsors but of course 7 million is pretty way lower than lewis's basic 15million package by McLaren.

lotus F1 in meantime, i wish them all the luck. of course they will be the advertising racing car for malaysia, but few points on board will definitely what I would say A VERY SATISFYING SEASON.

but who knows, these big heads may take out each other, leaving trulli and co to put some points. who knows aite?
  • F
  • Dec 23, 2009
Haha...Trulli ? I wouldn't count on him capitalizing on anything.
  • L
  • Dec 23, 2009
welcome bek schumi!!!!
  • T
  • Dec 24, 2009
Weird seeing Schumi in Mercedes' colours, compared to the every striking Ferrari red we're so used to seeing him in. I love Schumi, but Ferrari is always my top pick.

Nonetheless, its gonna be a heck of a year. World Cup 2010 anyone? =)
  • S
  • Dec 24, 2009
welcome back to F1 world Schumi!! He is still good enough to race. Interesting and looking forward to 2010 season!
  • J
  • Dec 24, 2009
The timing is just right..
F1 had their shares of problems with teams leaving, track being list out etc. and Schumi's presence will actually rejuvenate & make all these bad news disappear!

Also, just imagine those 4 world champions wheel to wheel at the 1st corner of the GP!
it would be exhilarating!!!...
  • A
  • Dec 24, 2009
Bernie should personally hand Schumacher a handsome some from his fortune for this. The boost to ratings and Bernie's coffers would be significant. Win-Win for all including circuit owners and promoters.

'Welcome back' to Mercedes Schumacher albeit without Sauber this time.
  • R
  • Dec 25, 2009
how i wish Hakkinen would join the fun.........u never knows........and Montoya come back to kick asses.....!!! haha
  • K
  • Dec 25, 2009
yes..agreed with RC, if Mika Hakkinen join the fest,he will 'tapaw' all new comer..
  • F
  • Dec 28, 2009
Why Hakkinen ?

Judging post-F1 performances, he's way past his peak. He was nothing anything special in DTM, being convincingly outclassed for years even amongst his Mercedes peers on equal equipment. The most recent test he did was in a McLaren Merc back in 2007 (if I'm not mistaken) and he was very much off the pace.

The thing is Mika is pretty happy with his retirement and of what he has achieved. He's not looking like a guy hungry to make a comeback. Great driver in his day, every bit the match for Schumacher.