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Video: HKS GT-R GT570 Racing Package

hksgtrThe GTR fascination continues as tuners all over the world scurry to release their own models of the god-like GTR. Faster, meaner, louder, crazier are among the few words that tuners hope we, the media would use to describe their machines and what choice do we have? The tuned GTRs are really faster, meaner, louder and crazier than their stock brothers. Take this HKS GTR for example, its a package officially known as the R35 GT570 Racing Package and what it includes is a turbo enhancement kit that seeks to reduce exhaust resistance through new reinforced wastegate actuaters, a new boost controller that allows higher boost levels, aluminium intercooler pipe kit and a front exhaust pipe without catalytic converters, which therefore makes it illegal for road use. The result of the kit is 570PS or 562hp and 540lb-ft of torque at the wheels, and of course, it’s louder too.


Source: World Car Fans

sounds like ferrari @ lamborghini
  • T
  • Sep 9, 2008
this car done at taiwan leh..
and its silver color bro~
  • R
  • Sep 9, 2008
wouldnt that kind of power be bad for the DSG gearbox? Hmm...
  • J
  • Sep 9, 2008
taos :
that car is done at TopRacing that located at hong kong ~
the person that sit inside the car is da tuning shop owner ~
people call him "Wah Kor" ~

GR6 DSG gearbox can withstand around 600hp~700hp ~
those gearbox have self protecting system, once overheat, the engine will limit to 3000rpm to protect the transmission ~
  • N
  • Sep 9, 2008
If anyone wants to hear such exhaust sound no need to travel far. There is this green 350Z with such exhaust which some guy tested in Shah Alam last month. Its loud as hell and it doesn't seem to make the car go any faster.

Anyway how big a hp/boost can a HKS SSQV be used? Last time i remember it tops out at 450hp. And some people actually used 2 SSQV for high hp use.
  • E
  • Sep 9, 2008
Watch the automatic gearbox blipping the throttle when it downshift itself....
  • G
  • Sep 13, 2008
net,u know as well as i do that sqv don't leak under pressure as they're pull type
not push type.some ppl put 2 sqv to reduce surge that commonly found on turbo
powered car.