Finally Our Very Own MotorPark


Finally a track in the city, a track that caters to the needs of grassroots motorsports hopefully cheaper but definitely much closer and versatile than the other well-known Malaysian circuit. Officially in construction and designed to serve as a multi-purpose urban complex, the 6-hectare park marks a historical milestone for the Malaysian motoring scene as the first ever recreational motoring park to be set up in our nation.


Its centrally-located complex aims to provide the public with two key features that has eluded Malaysian motorsports fans till now – affordability and accessibility. The KL MotoPark is designed for versatility, allowing for seven possible layouts suitable for driver training, high-speed racing, drifting, and drag racing. More than one motoring event can be run simultaneously on the 1.29km long and 20m wide track, which was designed to be compact enough to bring out the entertainment and excitement factor for great spectator-satisfaction.



The venue which is scheduled to be completed late August this year incorporates a hospitality lounge, retails stores, food and beverage outlets, workshops, accessory outlets, ample parking with a spectator capacity of 15,000 (10,000 seated and 5,000 standing). It is also internationally licensed for Class A go-kart, Class C FIA for Saloon Cars, one SS of rally or rally-cross, international drifting, FIA drag, and FIM (bikes) activities.



Officiating the groundbreaking ceremony at the KL MotoPark, Chairman of the Automobile Association of Malaysia, YM Tunku Datuk Mudzaffar bin Tunku Mustapha said that the KL MotoPark will finally make motorsports an affordable activity for everyone, and propagate talent development in the industry. He foresees that KL MotoPark will also advocate the creation of future generations of responsible and skillful drivers on the roads and tracks, further improving the motoring standards in the country.




General Manager of KL MotoPark, Khaidi Kamaruddin, said that the MotoPark is intended to raise the standards of general motoring, motorsports management, safety, competitions, partnerships, sponsorships and community expectations. So far, the KL MotoPark has invested 40,000 man-hours in the development stages, a chunk of which went to R & D. A total investment of RM30 million has already been made.




KL MotoPark’s core motoring programs will include youth talent-discovery and training programs such as Future Ace, children’s safety programs such as Smart Kiddies and its own driver training programs for fleet, rally, drift, circuit, open wheeler, two-wheel, plus advance and safety driving.



At the ceremony, Khaidi also announced the launch of the Velocity Card Membership which allows patrons special deals and privileges at the MotoPark. The card allows priority privileges at the MotoPark, offering access to the KLMP’s comprehensive stable of Velocity Toys – a collection of coveted track cars, bikes and go-karts. For a limited time, Velocity Card Memberships can be won via the website’s MotoForum, and through the ongoing KLMP Virtual Treasure Hunt (








KLMP is a wholly private sector-driven project, and it believes in moderation in terms of infrastructure, according to need.

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  • Apr 16, 2008
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