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2015 TIMETOATTACK FINAL ROUND – The Naturally-Aspirated Machines + Results!

Now we are done with the Euros, it is time to check out how the naturally-aspirated machines fared in the recent attack at Sepang International Circuit. This Honda-filled category has always been the screaming grounds of VTECs unleashing their fury on the circuit, but the sight of other makes and models joining the attack makes …

Satisfying Dad’s Wild Side – the Lancer Evolution Wagon

When a petrolhead settles down, family wise he is often faced with serious dilemmas;  primarily being, whether to keep his rebellious, fast and furious ride or simmer down with something more “family-friendly”, which could probably be a dreary and slow minivan. Fortunately, Mitsubishi recognizes that every dad has his wild side, and produces something like this Lancer Evolution IX Wagon.
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The Silver Surfer – Cutting Through the Wind via Fluid Motion

They say that the eyes could deceive you; they were not wrong about that. We are seeing an increased number of sleepers on the road where, beneath the sheepish skin, are fearsome predators when provoked. While a GT-R might not be what one would call a sleeper, this Silver Surfer has a deceiving appearance no …