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Default Re: vios fuel consumption

This is how you calculate the fuel consumption of a vehicle.
1. Fill your car to full-tank with any fuel.
2. make sure you reset your trip meter
3. on your next fill, make sure you fill your tank till full
4. finally take two readings. 1. the amount of litre filled 2. the mileage

Example : 1. 40 litre 2. 525km
40 / 5.25 = 7.62 litre/100km
this is your fuel consumption 7.62litre per 100km

for metric calculation
40 litre divided by 4.54 (this is the conversion to UK gal) = 8.81gal
525km divided by 1.667 (this is the calculation to mile) = 315miles
so, 315 divide by 8.81 = 35.75mpg (miles per gallon)

A silly calculation (July 2011)
40 litre multiple by RM1.90 (price per litre) = RM76.00
525km divide by RM76 = 6.91km per ringgit or
RM76 divide by 525km = RM0.15 per km

Price of fuel changes frequently, the calculation from the previous treads makes no sense as we dont know what price the fuel was bought for!!! AND I seriously hate when a salesman tells me how much it cost per km instead of litre per hundred km. How would we know what type of fuel is used. if you understand what I mean. It is really embarrassing for us Malaysians using a calculation that isnt valid.
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Default Re: vios fuel consumption

for my wife vios,
for RM73 fuel RON 95, i'll get 640 km.
if divided 640/ 73, it is equal to 8.7 km per RM1 of petrol.
which mean RM73 fuel equal to 38 l.
it will get 640/38 = 16.8km/l.
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