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Thumbs up How to clean your Wheel Brake Dust ? Kartik Borikar

How to clean your Wheel Brake Dust ? Kartik Borikar

Most cars these have disc brakes for better braking. The brake contain a Disc made out of steel and brake shoes which clamp the steel disc when you puch that brake pedal. Each time you brake, the brake shoe allows some microscopic portion to break away and the same happens for some portion of teh steel disc. These particles together are the brake dust. They are fine powder like substance and cannot be seen with even naked eye until a sufficient amount accumulates on your Alloy Wheels.
The process of Cleaning Alloy wheels or Standard wheel rims may depend on how long the wheel have not been cleaned.
- If you never remember cleaning them since you bought the car, the best way would be to remove the wheel from the car and clean it outside.
- If the wheel does not look very dirty, cleaning the wheel mounted on the car is also okay.
What all you'll need to clean Alloy Wheels?

1. KKE Brake Dust Remover : Brake Dust Cleaning Liquid , Iron decontaminator
2. Brush
3. Tire Cleaner or KKE Master Wipe
4. High Pressure Pump
5. Microfiber Towel
6. KKE Thick Wax
7. KKE Drubber

Wheel Cleaning Process
1. The process starts with dismounting the wheel from the car for detailed cleaning. If you wheel is not too dirty, you can jump to Number 2. The main reason for removing the wheel is to have a better access to rear portion of the which is much closer to the disc brakes.
2. Once removed, wet the surface or possibly using high pressure gun, remove whatever can be removed using the high pressure water gun.
3. Spray KKE Brake Dust Remover on the wheel rim and allow it some time to remain on the wheel rim. KKE Brake Dust remover reacts with even the microscopic iron particles which get embedded in the aluminium alloy and reduce the finish of the alloy wheels. You'll notice that wheel rim turns purple in colour wherever the liquid detects iron contamination. Once you see that the liquid is not getting any purpler. Its is time to lightly brush the wheel to remove debris which are stuck. Brushing is the most economical way. Another way could be to wash the wheel with high pressure and again apply KKE Brake Dust Remover.
4. Once the Brushing is done, let remain for a while. Do not allow the liquid to dry on the alloy wheel rim. For this ensure, that your activity area is not in sun.
5. Now using a high pressure gun, clean the residue on the wheel. You'll find a clean bright alloy wheel surface.
6. Now flip the side incase you have removed the wheel from the car and repeat the process.
7. Once done, use KKE Thick Wax to give it a protective coat and give a longer shine. Use KKE Drubber to give the Tyres a new Look.
8. Repeat this process for all tyres.

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