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Default Re: Need help for engine stalling evo3 engine!!

Originally Posted by pac_jb View Post
Bro cable tie your maf sensor connector , I had this problem , the connector was not tight, after I cable tie , everything was ok and check your turbo piping hoses ,it will become hard and leak air
good tip, I've had cars that were affected by a loose MAF socket.
Would either not start or would stall during driving.
Even if the connection breaks for a brief second, it would register as a broken MAF causing the engine to stall or to not start.
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Default Re: Need help for engine stalling evo3 engine!!

i have this problem from previous stock evo 4 engine, exactly the same when using vent to air b.o.v .... it is very common problem to stall and engine die off when u accelerate or throttle and press clutch for too long since it utilize MAF sensor, the theory here is that the MAF calculated the amount of air entered the engine and therefore calculated amount of fuel to put in as well.. but when you using vent to air b.o.v , MAF sensed for example 5 unit of air go in,therefore react with 5 unit of fuel to be put in engine, but the air that pass through MAF sensor is released through the b.o.v ... thus maybe with only 2-3 unit of air enter the engine to mixed with the 5 unit of fuel injected, then your engine is running rich and die off.. simple explanation is like this
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