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Feb 28, 2012
Hello friends!

This is a full correction I had to do
But before we start, could you guess the color of this car?

A hint

Another one

A better clue, but guess this part of the ride

This is what I had to do a paint correction on.

No beading, no sheeting, no protection, just water clinging on all surfaces and a flake-off while washing the car…. Permanent damage

Whole car washed using 2BM method, MF washmitt, car shampoo and APC mix, and finally dried with MF towels, all available locally


Ready for inspection

Feeling blessed! The sun was here! Looking for defects was so easy 


More…. Too many

The infamous RIDS and Scratches
The side-mirror

Many… many of them….

Textured paint, orange peel, pits and pores, blurriness etc….

More and more

we really know how much you care 
& now we are ready for real fun.

The headlights
The right side before


The left side before

The afters

To the most sought after part of the ride… paintwork
Tools n equipment:
Compounding: Optimum hyper compound, carpro denim pads, optimum doublesided wool pad
Polishing: menzerna 203s, LC white pad
Finishing: Menzerna PO85rd, LC black and LC Red HT pads
LSP: Menz Powerlock , wipedown with the softest towel (yellow) I had locally

CarPro pads effective but dangerous too.
Voilà !



Compounding after paint leveled


Further refined



Blurriness gone

Look carefully, the permanent damage in focus




Friends in need

the side Mirrors

Mirror - Mirror

Glow with sunset

A detail in another detail

The boss inspecting


the doors

What’s your favorite color?

house on wheels

Mirror house

Water test

(These are the last set of pictures, after sun shots and mirror shots)

Saved some sun shots as the sun loves to play with the clouds here

The door sides


extreme close-up

The roof

When others envy your ride’s shine, it’s BeyondShine.

My appreciation and thanks go to all of the friends who have helped me with their advice, their detailed posts and instructions, their videos and the hands-on experience from which I learned a lot. :love:

Thanks for viewing, your comments and thoughts are most welcome.

Zaid :driver:
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