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Helmet Clan


Helmet Clan
Jul 6, 2000
Kuala Lumpur

Time To Appreciate some of the most breathtaking pictures as taken by the passionate hands of the public!. This is the Race Against The Machine contest proudly presented by AutoDetailer and Time To Attack where the best pictures wins prizes worth RM7000!. Please take your time to browse through the glorious pictures and all you have to do is "Like" the ones you love!

Contest Voting Instructions

UPDATE: We would like to announce the photo selection results to begin the voting process. The committee has deliberated on the images selection and has decided to streamline the categories for quality monitoring purposes. Selected photos have also been filtered into the appropriate categories befitting the entries.

Announcement: Voting phase begins on the 11th of February 2011 and ends on the 25th of February 2011!
  • Step 1: Tag your own photos so that your friends and family can see it.
  • Step 2: Get your friends and family to vote for your photos by clicking the "Like" button adjacent to it.
  • Step 3: Remember, your fans must first "Like" the AutoDetailer Studio Facebook Page to be qualified as a voter
  • Step 4: Photo with the highest votes for each category at the end of the voting period wins!

Updated Categories

The Categories for entries are:
1. Best Panning Shot
2. Best Action Shot
3. Best Behind-The-Scenes Pit Shot
4. Best Artistic Automotive Shot
5. Best Photoshop®-processed image
6. Best Lighting Shot

Grand Prize Image: Best Overall Image that captures the essence of the TTA Series 2010

Get your friends and family to vote for your photos by clicking the "Like" button adjacent to it.
But remember, your fans must first "Like" the AutoDetailer Studio Facebook Page to be qualified as a voter. The photo with the highest number of "Likes" wins each category.

Here are the links to the Categories submissions!

Here are our generous sponsors who have provided the prizes for this contest!

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