Used Starex - Owner / subject matter expert feedback pls


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Feb 23, 2006
As per subject, am planning to get either a used starex or a used mazda 8, preference more towards the earlier as i need the space to ferry 5 adults avragong 5'10 weighing 100kgs each (including myself). so the power train and space of starex fit my purpose

cant afford a new one, though the 2016 version looks awesome. looking to get a 2011 or 2012 version or newer if can find a good deal. I've asked my regular mechanic on what are the potential maintenance required for a diesel turbo vehicle, hence would like to know any owners feedback if they had fixed/replaced any of the below parts and how reliable are below parts, pls state if you have changed this before, cost and your mileage before changing this)

1) diesel fuel/ particle filter (heard it get stucked quite frequently)
2) fuel injector (either blocked or nozzle become bigger resulting more fuel injected to engine). Anyone replaced or service injectors before ?
3) EGR valve (does starex have this, this is a common for diesel turbo and also prone to be blocked by the carbon deposit)
4) fuel pump (i google around, this thing is not cheap, costs a few k) anyone sent for regular maintenance by fuel pump specialist before ?
5) power door (planning to look for a premium version.......or a standard version without this will do? feedbacks pls)
6) the sliding door bracket (due to heavy door n window panel, was told it will eat up in long run)
7) timing belt or timing chain ?

any other parts or symptoms i should be aware of before go hunting for a unit ??