Urgent: jazz aircon repair/service workshop needed around Jalan Petaling(Chinatown)


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Feb 1, 2009
Dear fellow forumers,

I'm currently located around Chinatown area, KL

Need some of the sifu's help here.

Can anyone recommend a good and reputable place to repair/service may Honda jazz aircon?
I think the compressor has konked up, I'm not quite familiar with workshops around this area.

My guess is I might need a recon compressor or somebody who can repair the magnetic clutch of the compressor. I'm a driving a 2004 Honda jazz cvt.

For those who have a good place to recommend can text me the workshop name and address @ 016 727 0463. I won't be checking here frequently. U can SMS me anytime, it's rather urgent cos I need to get it fixed before continuing my journey up north..

How much damage would I be looking at approximately?

Many thAnks in advance:wavey:

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