TTT on 5th Oct Friday


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Nov 24, 2003
Hong Kong
ANy pics?

Acousti = Acoustic = Soon?
Sorry lah, no pics taken that day.

I'm Mr.Chin lah, not Mr.Soon

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OK, now a quick report, first of all sorry for the delay and quietness, very busy lah at home, clean_house and all, then busy catch up work.

Attendance was Chinozie, levin818, Acousti, tom's +1, futeball, ayathu, Shamburke, banzai, QiW, GRexer??? (the young man sit next to me), I think a few more guys, sorry ah, please someone help to remind me.

The funny thing is I see new friends, hence a bit shy, talk less, hahahah, please don't mind yah. Was tired from cleaning house & others.
Thanks tom's ......
Thanks levin818 re-teach me so many things, even simple thing like charcoal maintain then no fuel smell leaking. And so much more, I wrote down notes, hahahhaha school boy lah me.
ayathu come from so far far away, very passionate,
you all look well, look alright, most importantly everyone healthy, Sham must cut down a bit.
>50% still kept or continue riding what was owned, no change, i was truly surprised.
Technical talk, was very very slowly coming in. Start may be around 11PM, Lasted till 1AM+, 9PM~11PM warm up no tech talk.
Appreciate all your attendance!!!!
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