TGR Street Race to hit Terengganu first weekend of August for Season 2!

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Jul 6, 2000
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TGR Street Race to hit Terengganu first weekend of August for Season 2!

After a sensational first season of Toyota's Gazoo Racing Festival, the much celebrated Street Circuit Racing series now moves into its latest season 2, with 2 new racing venues to be expected this year. Namely Terengganu for the season opener and ironically Sepang Circuit, which isn't exactly a street circuit. Nevertheless, every round is expected to be an explosive one.

The Races:

Round 1 - August 2 – 4 2018
Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Terengganu

Round 2 - October 19 - 21 2018
MAEPS Serdang, Selangor

Round 3 - February 22 - 24 2019
Batu Kawan Stadium Penang

Round 4 - April 12 - 14 2019
Sepang International Circuit

The Format:

The Vios Challenge One-Make race series is sanctioned by the FIA International motorsport body and all competitors will be racing in identically specced Toyota Vios race cars. This ensures fair competition and a platform that reward driving skills.

The Classes:

All in all, there'll be 3 race classes, just as before in Season 1.

Sporting Class - For Semi Professional Drivers, up and coming drivers. It is also the entry level class for the series.

Super Sporting Class - For Professional Drivers with vast racing experience.

Promotional Class - Celebrities only, this class consists of popular socialites, actors KOLs and so on, which proved to be very popular with fans and spectators.

Celebrity Racers:

There are new celebrities contending in Season 2. They will be specially trained before the actual race, which joins the rank of seasoned celebrities and they are:

Current Celebrities:

Janna Nick
Diana Danielle
Shawn Lee
Syukri Yahaya

New Celebrities:

Aiman Tino
Khai Bahar
Nabila Razali
Wany Hasrita
Akim Ahmad
Nabil Ahmad

Partners and Sponsors:

The Vios Challenge in Season 2 will retain its sponsors that has been with them ever since the first season and they are:

Toyo Tyres
TRD Asia
Drive M7 Energy Drinks
Toyota Capital Services

For updates on TGR Season 2 of the Vios Challenge, follow these channels.

Toyota GAZOO Racing website:



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