Sun & Smoke: Ace Drift Round 2


Beyond 20,000 RPM!
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Beyond 20,000 RPM!
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Sep 17, 2008
Found this Event shared by a friend in FB, so thought of sharing
it with you guys. Even though one of the ZTH members posted
this event already but since the photos are different and yet it
has my dream car Supra, I would love to share this with you guys :biggrin:

Sun & Smoke: AceDrift Round 2

It was a day with clear blue skies and dollops of white fluffy clouds when we returned
to A'Famosa Resort in Malacca for the second round of Ace Drift Challenge series. In
a country where we are just a notch above the equatorial, this means a hot scorching
day, skin barbequing day!

But its days like this, when I got a shot like below, made me wanna do it all over again!

The last Ace Drift, I'd wanted to catch this car in action. But when I arrived, it had a
suffered a mechanical damage during practice and was out.

This time around it was as healthy as a horse! I am a fan of Supras and it was a
delight to see it blasting down the track.

And going sideways. The owner, Joe Han says he would like to have more horses
under the hood, so lets wait and see what he does the next round.

Ain't the car just looked great when Joe Han's other half is in the driver's seat? :wink:

I bet he agrees wholeheartedly!

The usual suspects had also gathered at this event and we were given a great show
with lots of smokes and actions.

The height of the action was a tandem run between Ah Boy and Rocker Loh. These
two fought hard for the Top 4 position and twice they touched.

Both fought hard and driven consistently and one more times were called again and
again. But it was Ah Boy who help decide who should move on when he went too
wide and spun after clipping the tire barrier.

Ah Boy had ran into the kerb when he spun.

The rest of the days were no less awesome. The drifters were leaving long trails of
smoke all day long.

Speaking about smokers, I can't help but notice that Yoong seems to be employing
this tactic to smoke out his competitor during the tandem runs

Here he is blinding Mervin

And here he is again trying to smoke out Rocker : D

But it was Rocker who moved on and takes out Ivan Lau to be the champion of
Ace Drift Round 2.

Find ArcaneImaginarium in Facebook or Blogspot for more pictures.

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Nice photos, Nice SUPRA!~ and Great Event! :love: