4,000 RPM
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4,000 RPM
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Jan 9, 2004
For those Altezza that's with sunroof.
Do u know that the sunroof can be 'set' & 'reinitialize' ?? lol...

below are excepted from Australia tezza forums. (well, not sure is for IS200 or Altezza, but is good tips)

The service manual says the following about the sunroof, this is a straight copy paste - hope it helps...

"Sliding roof always re-opens (anti trap function)"

Increase the foce by running the sliding roof again manually by pushing and holding the close switch within
10 sec.( Try max 3 times )
When the sliding roof starts reversing ( Resistance becomes greater due to the deformation of seal.),
press the switch and hold it. So reverse force increases, then the sliding roof can be closed.
First time : Reverse with force of 100N
Second time : Reverse with force of 150N
Third time : No jam protection function
* Press the switch within 10 seconds after the roof has started reversing.
Otherwise, sliding roof ECU returns to the un initialized condition.

If this fails it recommends trying...

When the sliding roof does not stop at the normal position, ever
though the above operations have been performed, resetting is necessary.\

*Reinitializing method
(a) Move the sliding roof to the maximum tilted position.
( Release the switch, press the switch again and hold it for 10 secs.
© The sliding roof operates in a cycle of TILT DOWN " SLIDE OPEN " SLIDE CLOSE " TILT UP.
This completes reinitializing.

i didn't know that its circuit is intelligent!