Sabah Drift Challenge Rd2 2012


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500 RPM
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Nov 17, 2008
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It's been a yeah year since I've visited a drifting event. Earlier this month I came to notice on a Facebook news feed and there will be drifting event to be held in Tawau, Sabah (oh yeah for some of you lurkers from the West, yes we have places to slide our cars sideways without having to crash onto them trees or some wild animals).

The course were decorated right on an empty recreational lot on a newly developed area.

Was greeted by these during the early hour. Good start.

Competitors were all from different town in Sabah.

Trusty 20v BT breathing through stacks on an AE85 chassis.

Here, you can see a Trueno is getting ready and make sure everything is going accordingly.

I think they are the alternative of the 20v 4AGE. I always fancy the least common.

Optimum cooling for day long drifting.

Really digging the custom made long throw hydraulic e-brake and the extended shifter. Color coded deep dish Momo with the NRG quick release.

Creative way of showing the MFD display.

This is what it looks like when it is light up. Oh, 5 pieces of Defis to set the standard.

Spare wheels and for the keen eyes will notice something as well.

Daily fresh tires.

Cars were lined up to mark the start of the event.

I did a quick photoshoot on the smurf blue 180SX. Check it out here: Nissan Silvia 180SX | Facebook

Loyai going through the detailed sets of rules to follow and tips on scoring major points from different clipping zones.

This is the designed course and how points were being awarded.

Pair of Silvias launched off the starting line fast.

a R34 do what its do best, going fast in this case sideway!

Timothy from Kota Kinabalu with his S15.

Prices of S15 have drop over the past years and become affordable to people who wanted a stable platform to start a drifting project or so. After all none can deny the goodness of S chassis in the world of drifting right?

KE70 is commonly the most affordable way to access into drifting fun. Throw in a 4AGE, proper 2 way LSD and interior stripped to bare minimum, there you have it.

But never underestimate the power of these cars and the potential of them drivers.

Props to them drifters for putting a great show for us.

Back to this 180SX going sideways in the middle of afternoon under 38 degrees of streaking sun.

Whats Malaysia without a little rain right?

Rain lasted for around 20 minutes and here Mr.Khalyfa himself in his 180SX. Some info. Khalyfa Group is the main sponsor of this event and Mr. Khalyfa just started out drifting this year.

The ex-reigning champion of drift held in Kota Kinabalu last year, Mr Teh Jin Soon. forumers certainly know this guy really well. His 2JZ Corona is packing a region of 600hp++. A wild beast boar thats for sure!

Majority of the experience drifters handled the wet condition really well.

Qualifying results were announced on the second day.

Neck to neck competition on group stages elimination rounds.

At the end of the event, some drifters decide to have every last ounce of fun shredding any remaining threads.

Smokes everywhere.

As the sun sets to the horizon, I came to know a little bit better of the drifting community. Not least, but much respected individuals.

Top 4 Round 2, 2012 Result:
1st : Desmond (KK)
2nd : Cang Fu Kiun (TWU)
3rd : Teh Jin Shoon (TWU)
4th : Mah Lao (KK)

More Pictures here: Sukun Photography's photosets on Flickr

or here: Sukun Photography | Facebook