Rotary Mega Gathering 2011 at Cyber Jaya Sports Arena

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Kevin Lee

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Kevin Lee

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Jan 26, 2009
Kampar, Perak

December 3rd marked the day of the rotaries. RX-8 Club Malaysia collaborated with RX-7 Club Malaysia to host this spectacular event, where all Wankel powered vehicles gathered for a day out together. The event started early in the morning at 8AM in Puchong, where the cars gathered for a roll call prior to driving to Cyber Jaya Sports Arena, where the gathering was held. A total of more than 100 cars turned up in the event, making it the largest non-piston powered car gathering ever to be held in 2011.

The convoy group started their journey to Cyber Jaya at 9 AM. At 10 AM, they arrived at the food court in Cyber Jaya Sports Arena parking lot. Everyone sat down and had their chatter after driving a distance from Puchong. People were just chatting about their cars and how they love their rotaries. It was an enthusiastic bunch.

Members of the press and fellow photographers were invited to take photos of the models that were hired for the day. There were 8 girls present in the event and photographers were grouped into 2 groups where they are tasked to take photos of the 4 girls in each group.

At 10.30 AM, the MC for day, Joey Ch'ng who was also the committee member of the RX-8 Club Malaysia, gave a presentation speech to their club members, appreciating their attendance and giving support to the event on that day. A discounted sale of automotive related items and vouchers were offered for sale to the public. Ultra Racing chassis reinforcement items, Tom's sticker decal services discounts and Auto detailing vouchers were up for grabs.

Participants of the Defensive Driving Clinic and Rotary Twin Battle were later briefed about the do's and don'ts in the event. The Driving Clinic event was a coached driving experience, where participants of the gathering were briefed on performance and defensive driving.

The Rotary Twin Battle is a gymkhana organised for the participant's of the event, where they had to drive around a course with cones and obstacles, with a goal to finish in the quickest time possible. The event participants were split into two categories : Automatic and Manual. The Top 8 participants battle it out where prizes will be given to the Top 4 winners.

The Rotary Twin Battle Winner for Automatic category was :
1st - Raymond
2nd - Feroz
3rd - Tan Jing Rong
4th - Iqmal

The Rotary Twin Battle Winner for Manual category was :

1st - Eddie
2nd - Sharazi
3rd - Oliver
4th - Loh Lip Yan

A bonus event was held later on, where the top 2 winners from Manual and Automatic categories battle it out in the special stage. Two of the Automatic winners triumphed over the Manual winners over this bonus event.

The Rotary Twin Battle Winner for Masters category was :

1st - Feroz
2nd - Raymond
3rd - Sharazi
4th - Eddie

Prizes were given up to the winners by organisers to the Rotary Twin Battle category winners at 5PM. A lucky draw was held later on as a closing ceremony to the event. Everyone enjoyed the event as much as I did. (Winner photos provided by RX-8 Club Malaysia, photographed by Eric Lim)

1st place winner for Automatic category - Raymond

1st place winner for Manual category - Eddie

1st place winner for Masters category - Feroz

Summary of events held on that day:

0800 - Meet Up @ McDonald's Puchong Gateway
0900 - Convoy to Sports Arena Cyberjaya
1030 - Opening Speech - Driver's Briefing
1100 - Group Photography Session
1200 - Lunch
1300 - Defensive Driving Clinic
1600 - Rotary Twin Battle (enrollment by category)
1700 - Prize-giving + Lucky Draw

The older siblings

Freda Foong loves the suicide doors, the large opening doors were a great place for her to pose for the photographers

Beautiful girls from Perak

So colourful

Everyone loved the umbrella, it was a very warm day.

Barney the Purple Dinosaur

She loves Rotaries

Qiqi admires the Mazda 6

Carmen posing in front of the RX-8


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Omaigod.....the girl with those biru air laut coloured sexy shirt is looked like Jill valentine!!

Why ler I did not come......;(


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RX-8 always have hot chick 1 wor... Dam!!! must get myselft an RX-8 after this.